John Rattray bronze collectors statue

To Clan Rattray Members,


Some of you will remember that Clan Rattray Society donated £1,000 towards the Leith Links Trust project to erect a statue of John Rattray at Leith Links Edinburgh, to commemorate the part he played in the Oldest Rules of Golf.

Attached is a picture of the finished bronze statue representing John Rattray, at the foundry in Leith, Edinburgh. It is awaiting installation once the landscaping on Leith Links has been completed. In the picture there are 2 bronze replicas which will be a limited edition produced and available for purchase.

Leith Links Trust have kindly offered a £300 discount for members of Clan Rattray Society and Leith Rules Golf Society members. This means £1,450 net with free delivery in the UK only. There are to be eight 11" bronzes available at this special price. In the event that a member is interested in the 16" Bronze, there will be 3 available at £3,850 each.

We are e-mailing you directly, as we do believe these will become very collectable and believe they will retain their value and may well appreciate in value with time.

If you are interested, please let Michael Rattray or Hugh Rattray or myself know by Friday 1st June.