2020 Clan Gathering 3rd to 6th September

In 2020 The Clan Rattray society will hold an international gathering. Please join us to ensure we will learn more about each other, our Clan Rattray history and our genealogy.

Clan Rattray is a group of Rattray descendants who gather together to learn more about our lineage, to make new Rattray connections, to expand our history to pass to our youth to ensure continuity of our heritage for the future and to grow our Clan Rattray roots.

As such, please join us 3-6 September 2020 to ensure our “Wishes are Beyond the Stars (Super Sidera Votum)” for all our generations to come.

Please find out more on our facebook group https://www.facebook.com/events/2250328511949594/?ti=icl

Welcome to the Clan Rattray

The Rattray Clan Society was created in 1993 with the aim of bringing together Rattrays and Rattray descendants from around the world. To date, over 400 people with Rattray connections have joined the Clan Society.For more information, click on the links and discover the pride and history of Clan Rattray.


Become a member

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