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The Rattray Clan Society was created in 1993 with the aim of bringing together Rattrays and Rattray descendants from around the world. To date, over 400 people with Rattray connections have joined the Clan Society.

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Gathering Update

As I am sure you will know we have had an International (or major) Gathering every four years, since 1996. These have been immense fun, hugely rewarding events with Rattrays from all around the world attending and seeing and learning about our Rattray origins, places and Scottish Culture in general.

If I recall correctly the 1996 Clan Gathering had some eighty Rattrays attending (included a coach load of fourty from one USA Rattray family), subsequent gatherings have been around the sixty to seventy mark of participants. In 2012 with the economic down turn we had thirty eight attending, which made all the costs and organisational for the gathering very marginal. So for the 2016 gathering we asked everyone two years ahead (with the cut-off point being twelve months ahead) to notify us if they intended attending, with a minimum of sixty for the four day gathering to go ahead. This resulted in fourteen people paying deposits and others indicating their interest. The combined total was less than fourty.

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